asian bondage8 Student Assistant Enjoys Bondage Experiments

When this Asian babe agreed to help her science professor out with a few lab experiments, I wonder if she knew that said experiments involved bondage? Asian chicks are as kinky as they come, though, and this one seems to be enjoying the friction of the ropes on her bare skin. She doesn’t appear to be objecting too much to that blast of ice water on her steaming pussy either! If she’s looking for better marks, it’s a safe bet she’ll be getting them, especially after she lets the good professor try out all those other bizarre instruments on her hot little physique!

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asian bondage7 Asian Bondage Training for the New Hire

Her friends tried to dissuade her from taking the job as assistant on the construction crew, but where else could she get this kind of hands-on experience? Not only is she learning how to do renovations, she’s learning how some handy ropes and perfect knots can combine to make one hell of an erotic day on the job! In short, she’s discovering the joys of Asian rope bondage. Those workman’s hands feel so good on her soft, round breasts, Almost as good as that tongue feels on her warm, wet pussy! Her training’s going well, and by the end of the first day on the job, she knows exactly how to please her boss! Soon she’ll be pleasing the entire crew!

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asian bondage5 Farm Girl Punished by Asian Rope Bondage

It’s the wheel for this farm girl. She’s been found derelict in her duties, and now it’s time for her to learn her place. To instruct her in the ways of proper obedience, two of the farm hands have taken her out to the barn and bound her, wrist and ankle, to a wheel, where she undergoes a brutal lashing. The gag prevents her from crying out as the horny hands knot the ropes tightly over breast, throat and thigh and prepare for some serious Asian bondage torture. Her nipples are clamped, her pussy drilled, and her mouth stuffed as she dangles helplessly, with no choice but to endure the rough punishment. She’ll perform better on the job in future, but this performance is most satisfying!

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asian bondage6 Horny Patient Bandages His Caregiver

The patient is obviously feeling better, and he’s determined to thank his pretty little nurse for her care. For want of ropes to practice his Asian rope bondage techniques, he carefully winds and knots lengths of bandage around his caregiver’s supple body, paying special attention to her naked breasts, and binding her lower legs to increase her feeling of total submission. The uniform comes off and the bandages go on, until she’s enticingly wrapped and ready. Once he has her arms secured to the bed, the patient is all set to really show his gratitude, and he does it in so many titillating ways! See how!

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asian bondage1 Asian Bondage Beauty Hung Like Artwork

She’s pretty as a picture and fit to be hung…from the rafters, that is! This pink-clad porcelain doll was enjoying a moment of quiet meditation and sunlight, but her owner had other plans for his little treasure. He likes to see his collectibles displayed to their best advantage, and as a master of Asian rope bondage, that means arrayed in an intricate web of his own devising. And you have to admit, she looks awfully good hanging helpless and half naked with those rough restraints around her breasts and throat. But such an archetypal object of male meditation should be studied from every angle, and the rest of this exhibit is even more artfully arousing!

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asian bondage2 Hospitable Wife Bound and Banged by All

Got a craving for some group action? Just take a look at what happens to this pricey looking Asian woman when she arrives home from the boutique. Her husband’s brought a couple of business associates for drinks, and it’s the way of the east to show them the utmost hospitality. Wifey is immediately blindfolded, and the three men proceed to enjoy a little bondage, Asian style. She’s roped like a calf to the slaughter as the trio of hard cocks pinch and prod every private nook and cranny. These guys don’t hold back, and at the end of the day, the perfectly turned out wife is used, abused and covered in cum! What a welcome!

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asian bondage3 Cutie Undergoes Asian Bondage Ritual

If there was ever an Asian bondage scene not to be missed, this is it! Never mind pics of babes posing in ropes; how about submersing yourself in the process from beginning to end? You can see this ancient ritual of passion unfold, as this collared babe’s lover slowly and erotically binds her in the time honored way of the East, drawing those ropes firmly across every erogenous spot on her hot body. You can watch as she’s caught up in the arousing sensations of being tied, as the rope is wound around her breasts and pulled between her legs, as the knots are placed with infinite care. And you can watch as she’s fondled and fucked in breathless obedience!

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asian bondage4 Sultry Geisha in Spicy Bondage Pics

Ah, the brilliant color and steamy atmosphere of the orient, where the women are sultry, beautiful and obedient, and the curtained backrooms harbor a multitude of carnal sins. The real excitement and flavor of the east, with all its erotic traditions, comes together in this Asian rope bondage scene, as this vibrantly clad geisha is stripped and bound to become an object of lust. With ropes so tight they bruise and lacerate her nipples, she’s suspended from on high to be a feast for lascivious eyes. And to add to the ambiance, a firecracker flames in her mouth. Mysterious, exotic and utterly arousing!

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