asian bondage4 Sultry Geisha in Spicy Bondage Pics

Ah, the brilliant color and steamy atmosphere of the orient, where the women are sultry, beautiful and obedient, and the curtained backrooms harbor a multitude of carnal sins. The real excitement and flavor of the east, with all its erotic traditions, comes together in this Asian rope bondage scene, as this vibrantly clad geisha is stripped and bound to become an object of lust. With ropes so tight they bruise and lacerate her nipples, she’s suspended from on high to be a feast for lascivious eyes. And to add to the ambiance, a firecracker flames in her mouth. Mysterious, exotic and utterly arousing!

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asian bondage10 Shes Bound and Exposed in the Bamboo Grove

Asian bondage is a tradition not merely practiced behind closed doors but often undertaken out in nature, giving it that extra erotic edge, as these pics attest. It’s truly stimulating to see a woman bound and exposed to the salacious eyes of possible passers by, but it’s even more bone enhancing to watch a publicly bound chick’s nipples grow big and hard with desire when she’s so exposed. This sweet piece of Asian pussy obviously couldn’t be more turned on. The combination of scratchy ropes and soothing breezes against her soft flesh is undoubtedly doing something for her. And the rest of her public ordeal will undoubtedly do something for you!

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